Cement Building Blocks


Cement Building Blocks

Buy Cement Building Blocks 3-7 mpa from R8.40 each with delivery included in the price. Min Quantity online is 2400. Made from traditional aggregate like sand. Buy Cement Building Blocks 3-7 Mpa NOW R8.40 each only available at T-One Building SuppliesContact T-One Building Supplies!

per brick (Min Order Qnty 2500)

Concrete Building Blocks are good for creating walls that provide protection against the elements. They can also be used for projects such as garden walls and planters, retaining walls, foundations, steps, and firepits.

Concrete Blocks are a type of prefabricated material that are typically utilized for the construction of walls. The blocks, much like bricks, are placed on top of one another and connected with a mortar that is often made out of cement, sand, and water. The interior of the blocks is hollow so that they may accommodate steel bars and mortar filling.


Additional information

Weight 133 kg
Dimensions 0,390 × 0,190 × 0,140 m

Concrete Masonry Block


3.5 – 7 Mpa

Quantity m2



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