LP Gas from EASiGAS

LP Gas from EASiGAS a new product brought to you by T-One Building Supplies and Hardware. The phrases “Liquefied Petroleum Gas” are shortened to “LPG” and “LP Gas” respectively. It’s made up of natural gases “Propane” and “Butane“. Which share many of the same characteristics. Because of the very minor changes between their features, each of them is best suited for a distinct set of uses such as cooking, heating, and water heating to name a few.

Here at T-One Building Supplies we are proud to bring you LP Gas from Easigas available in the following sizes 1kg. 2kg. 3kg. 4kg. 5kg. 6kg. 7kg. 8kg. 9kg. 12kg. 14kg. 19kg and 48kg. Order Online for Delivery To Your home or office. Or Visit Our Store for onsite exchanges.

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