River Sand


Introducing River Sand For Sale by T-One Building Supplies & Hardware is ideal for Concrete and Screening for building foundations and concrete slabs. It’s also used in decorative plastering. Buy River Sand for R3800 per 10m3 with FREE Delivery included only available at T-One Building Supplies. River Sand For Sale ratios: 15 MPa: This is a low-strength concrete mix and is suitable for non-structural things like cement foundations that aren’t reinforced. It’s also good for retaining walls and other such man-made structures that don’t need reinforcement. 35 Mpa This is strong concrete and is used for foundation/flooring, patio, stairways and driveway. 30-Mpa This is a high strength concrete made for flooring or beams, and designed to withstand more pressure than your average sidewalk slab. For example, 30 Mpa is an excellent choice if you need precast beams set on top of bedrock. You may also want to view PPC Cement. Try out our Sand Calculator or Concrete Calculator, or visit our T-One Building Supplies & Hardware Store.

River Sand For Sale | R380 per 1 m3 available at T-One Building Supplies Call 073-500-2989 buy online or using WhatsApp, SMS or Email

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Weight 1000 kg


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